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Draft 0/Chapter 0-4
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I should be writing, but I haven't blogged about writing in so long that I figured it was time to process.

Back to it for five days straight. After an extended dry period, filled with too much work and not enough life, I'm finally back to fic. I'm not sure I understand this one exactly, not yet. It started as an unexpected thing, The Escape Artist blew apart my Sherlock/John relationship so thoroughly, an unintentionally, that now this other story has happen if I'm ever going to get them back to the land of kink/ well not just kink, but if I'm going to get them back together. So this. Even before my hell job got in the way, I was blocked for months, no idea what to do with this story.

I'm not sure when I decided (or why) that trying a canon(ish) story would be the way to do it. I think I just liked the idea of placing what is canonically Sherlock/John's first case together in the middle of their faltering relationship. Having them go through all of those scenes, the dinner at Angelo's, discovering the woman in pink, Sherlock being stolen by the cabbie, all while trying to navigate all the emotional tings as well, could made for a radically different dynamic. I dunno, I like the idea of working within creative constraints, forming a new puzzle out of old pieces. I'm not sure if it will work, but it's an interesting challenge. Another challenge will be changing it up enough so the outcome might not be as expected. How to keep people guessing/interested when they know the story backwards and forwards... A challenge, perhaps a different outcome.

Anywho. I need to figure out a new title, I've already done my: "A Study in..." story... I have to do something different. Oh wait, I think I have my title...


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