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So I've gathered almost all I need to gather for content for my site. I did an awesome interview with Destination Toast today about fandom stats and on Tuesday I will wrap up with an interview with tiltedsyllogism. Then I have to get down to business.

I was hoping to get more interviews, but I'm at the almost overloaded point and  need to stop and start pulling all of them together. Transcription of these things has been very hard, it took me like 6-7 hours to transcrible my interview with coloredink and I have 3 more ahead of me. So I'm going to try Dragon voice recognition software for the next one and if that goes too slow, I might just outsource the transcription. If I were working I wouldn't hesitate. I'm still not quite sure how this is happening... It still feels like someone outside of me is wrangling this beast...  Very surreal.

So now comes the hard part really, tackling the first interview and making it into someting... I have 16 pages of transcribed interview and have to boil it down to something managable. I want to create an intro to all of these, kind of Paris Review like... for example:, I want this in many ways to stretch my non-fiction writing. I want to frame these interviews in something cool. I've just not done this kind of writing before... okay well that's not true, ages ago when I was young I used to write interviews/articles of fictional characters. I guess it's kind of like that. But harder.

So now it's all about content wrangling. I have... 6 fanworks that tie into the interviews (so that's content I don't have create, just frame it in shinyness, and... 7 interviews. And I need to write the about section, a submission section maybe, pull together the galleries af fan art, and do my weekly roundups of fandom in the media. When I get closer to launch I'll probably start soliciting meta, or I might wait until I launch, so that people can see what it is I'm doing. Ah and I also need to start filling my event calender.

One good thing about talking to all of these people is that I've gotten the pitch down. It's been great, explaining what I'm trying to do to the folks who are involved, helps me to understand what I'm doing. Once they get it, and see what I have pulled together visually, they can grok it and get onboard. Hopefully with enough grokking I can make this thing work :-) At the very least it's going to look very pretty.

I need to put my pitch down as the about page.... lol, I also need a job.

My parents have been soooo incredibly awesome about this. They are very very excited about this project becasue I am excited and they love that I'm doing something that makes me truly happy. My dad actually said, Wow, you probably shouldn't get a job until after you launch this site or you're going to have a hard time getting all of the interviews done... I was like, well Dad thanks for the enthusiasm, but I really should get a proper job... ;-) It's odd, not getting the, "Go find a job now!" speech you might expect from parents. Nope, instead, my mother was an angel and sent me money to cover some of the start up expenses for the site and my father has offered to read my interviews, "If you want another set of eyes." I really couldn't have more supportive folks. They're a rare breed.

Though, yes I still need a job :-)
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