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And in this heart -Chaper 1/ Draft 2
Union Draft 1 - 370

So I spent 30 hours in Dallas last week, unfortunately only 2 of which involved sleeping. But during that sleepless horror, I came up with a detailed plot for a novel length 1930s Skinny!Steve AU fic which I’ve outlined the first few chapters of (on my phone in bed while I wasn’t sleeping), and started writing it tonight. So now I’m editing my current fic, way too slowly but also surely, and now kicking off a long fic. I’ve even got a back cover synopsis written, because… I had a shit-ton of time to kill on the plane.

Usually it takes me years to follow up on a plot idea, but this time I’m just going for it. I’m excited by it, I’m motivated to write it, so why wait and let the energy around it die? I’ve got no idea how the middle is going to work out, but fuck it I’m going in! While the going is good or hot or however that saying goes. I figure once I finish editing my first of the series story, maybe I’ll set this long fic aside to write the second of the series story. Eitherwho, my hope for 2016 is that I write a lot of fic to make up for this dismal year. I’m already off to a solid start. (and with that I’ve probably just jinxed myself… :-/) *fight the power*


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