Sep. 17th, 2014

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Sep. 17th, 2014 09:16 pm
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10 Week Screenplay Challenge
part 1: Introduction to the Hero’s World
4 pages

So this is new. I'm 4 pages into my first screenplay and am both thrilled, overwhelmed and worried. We have 15 pages due by Sunday night and have to cover the Intro to the Hero's World in that short span. I'm doing the screenplay version of a Sherlock AU that I was planning to write as a fanfic. I'd plotted it out years ago and it was based on a movie, so it seemed like the ideal choice. For me, the goal of this exercise is not to write the next great original screenplay, it's to ACTUALLY finish something. So I stacked the cards in my favor, this is a test run. But still a whole hell of a lot of work. I've been reading the screenplays to Warrior, The Matrix, Blade and Blade Runner as they are all action/fighting scripts and wow, they are cool and super informative.

Scriviner has a screenwriting template in it so the actual execution of format is a cakewalk, but the other part, the writing part, that's not so much. It's almost like tapping into another part of your mind writing a screenplay. I am stripped of internal monologue and exposition and long descriptions and the close third person that I love and am reduced to LOCATION, DIALOGUE and ACTION. It's so liberating to set the scene and just go! I described a fightscene that would take maybe three pages in a story to about 200 words. This whole process has my mind spinning but in a neat "I'm learning something totally new!" kind of way.

I know I'm totally overwriting the thing and it's way too long and I still am battling so many fiction writing habits but it's fun. I have 7 more weeks of this. My goal when finished is to find the movie that I based this from and compare mine script versus the original. I'm really interested to see how far I strayed and how I conveyed everything compared to the original writer. 


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