Sep. 22nd, 2014

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10 Week Screenplay Challenge
Chapter 2: Catalyst, Avoidance, Catalyst
15 pages

I survived week one of actual screenplay writing! I think only myself, [ profile] chasingriver, and one other got our chapters in on time. The task is deceptively easy and hard at the same time. I had a bit of an epiphany mid week and changed my characters around and finally the antagonist's motivation fell into place. So now I think I'm good to go.

This week we tackle the "catalyst, avoidance, catalyst" section of the script. Where an event happens to change the protagonists world, the protagonist avoids the change and then a greater world change happens that catapults the protagonist into action. Kind of a point of no return. I've mapped that section out, but it's quite a few scenes so I'm worried about deadline. This week is kind of busy so I'll have to spend most down time trying to push out the words. Going to see Die Antwoord tonight, a band that both scares and intrigues me, and cuts out on my writing time. Also my Saturday has turned into a 4-hour karaoke box marathon w/ post pizza, which is a great thing, but another writing time suck. (Will be busting out some new songs though. I take karaoke very seriously.)

On the good side, I finally get to introduce Sherlock (catalyst 2) , and Moriarty so those bits will be fun.  Next week we start the Heroes Journey, which will be all Sherlock/John relationship/casework. Looking forward to this. Gah, I so want to longfic this thing... It might be my next project after the screenplay... Gah again! So many things lining up in the distance... Must reel back in and just work on the remaining 6 weeks of screenplay.


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