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10 Week Screenplay Challenge
Chapter 8: Worst Case Scenario
71  pages

Well I fell off the update wagon, but not off the screenplay wagon! It's been kind of a slog, well actually a big slog, but I'm on week 8 and starting up Act III of the story.

So far I've tackled:

  • The Heroes Journey: which was more of a the character's reaction to his surroundings,

  • The Hero Looking Good: Where He learned a few things, came into his own a bit and overcame one of his struggles.

  • The Midpoint: Where stakes were supposed to be raised (not sure if I tackled that well)

  • Things Get Tougher: Where things start to go to shit. (accomplished)

Which leads me to "Worst Case Scenario" where things really start to go shit. This is also the start of act three which will be followed by... I forget what. Hero recovers somehow for a bit before more shit happens...

I've also learned that middles are hard when your outline isn't as solid as you thought. There are a few scenes during the Hero Looking Good and the Midpoint where I tried to incorporate some casework and failed spectacularly. But it has made me really think about the story and what will need to be tackled if I try to longform this beast. I really wanted to pull in a lot more A Study in Pink to make this a solid crossover, not just an AU. But with our limited time constraint I'm painting in broad gaping  strokes that would be spackled over during an edit. (Which will not be happening.)

So this week's assignment is only 5 pages but I hope to push ahead into... whatever the next section is. We have two more weeks left after this and I don't want to fall behind! If I can get 15 pages done this week then I will be golden.

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