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I seem to have caught the meme that’s been going around. It’s virulent! I’ve been wanting to do a meme since the “talk about your top 10 stories” one went about earlier this year, but as I only have 4 stories I assumed I’d have to wait until 2014 until I finally wrote that much. But this one I can do! :-D

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Here is my wee Master List of fics.

There are only 4 so far (yes I know, a bit silly to have a master list), but as my journal is mainly writing ramblings, it would be impossible to locate the fics within all of the white noise. There will be more... I'm a bit lost in the NewSub!John Headspace AU and would like to stay awhile.

Please heed the tags here, they should cover everything contained within. Please be aware that my stories are not at all based in reality, usually fantastical, most likely will contain dangerous acts and bad ideas, have all kinds of consent issues, are hopefully entertaining, and most definitely not for everyone :-) 


NewSub!John Headspace Series

John tries to come to terms with his need to be bound and dominated, while Sherlock comes up with new, slightly disturbing, mildly scientific, and sometimes misguided ways to test John's limits. There are seven stories planned in this series.

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This made me laugh, it's the word cloud version of A Study in Frustration.  I will have to do these for everything I write. See if there's a trend...

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Title: A Study in Frustration
Betas: [ profile] lady_t_220 and [ profile] duh_i_read
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: Yes, I'd say this is definately NC-17
Word Count: ~5,800

Contains: Dub-con, NC-17, Bondage, M/M Slash, Forced Orgasm
Notes: This is a fill for the following kink meme prompt. Thank you for checking out my first Sherlock Fic (and fan fic!). Thanks to [ profile] lady_t_220 for her awesome con-crit/brit pick and sentence wrangling (and patience!) and thanks to [ profile] duh_i_readfor pointing out some strange habits I have and sticking with me as I sorted this crazy thing out :-) I also have this on AO3 if you don't like the LJ format:
 AO3: A Study in Frustration

Summary:  “It’s like I’m not even here.” John said, incredulous. “Who does this, Sherlock? Who kidnaps their flatmate?”
“I haven’t kidnapped you.” Sherlock countered. Irritation resonated in his voice. “You haven’t left the sitting room.”

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