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Do (No) Harm
Draft 0/Chapter 2
@ 2500

This is very hard. Not that I'm surprised that it's hard, it's more like making an observation. Writing a long form anything, well that's hard... Much like all beginnings, or at least my attempts at beginnings they're always a mess. I'm once again parachuting blindfolded onto a moving train, the analogy still works. It will always work.  I wrote/aborted four starts before my friend told me to skip chapter 1 and go to chapter 2... If there was a text hug app I would have launched it at her. I switched to chapter 2. (It was so simple!)

So I'm struggling with a lot of things right now, just writing again after a three month hiatus adds to the pain of it.  I'm trying to sort out the voice, the POV. I'm writing a close (and younger) John POV as it's what I tend to do, but writing a close POV from a character who almost out of his head due to being in a horrible situation for years makes trying to get a clear view of what is outside of his head a bit difficult. I think I might have to back off a bit, like a semi close POV so I can make the world vivid but be in the head of someone who literally sees the world muted and muzzy. I'm still struggling with the writing of it. Juggling the shifts in his perception, going from almost a Sherlock like clarity to existing within a fog. I can't write him like I see him or there wont be much there, there... and yet there has to be a contrast to the eventual transformation that will come as his situation changes...  Not easy for me!! But it will be good for me. It's a writing puzzle. I just hope it doesn't suck. It feels sucky right now. But I have goals!

So I guess I'm just trying writing it out. I'm trying to develop John, and really work on making the main antagonist, Sebastian Moran, not so very black and white, the things he does are so fundamentally horrid, yet there has to be light/shade in him or else character fail... Still trying to get my head around his motivations and his goals, and also develop two smaller characters as well  at the moment who are a part of this John/Moran muddle. All in an extremely alternate, alternate universe. I don't even want to think about how I'm going to tackle Sherlock in all of this...  he will come with a whole slew of challanges and things that make him difficult to write... but he doesn't show up for quite some time...

I think I need to do this more often/again. It's helping me get my head around all of the crap I'm trying to figure out, even if I don't have any answers. For now all I can do is just continue with the draft zero and go back and fill in when I start to sort things out. Also fuck me, fight writing is hard, and there is soooooo much fight writing that will need to be done. Why did I think this would be easy?
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10 Week Screenplay Challenge
Chapter 8: Worst Case Scenario
71  pages

Well I fell off the update wagon, but not off the screenplay wagon! It's been kind of a slog, well actually a big slog, but I'm on week 8 and starting up Act III of the story.

So far I've tackled:

  • The Heroes Journey: which was more of a the character's reaction to his surroundings,

  • The Hero Looking Good: Where He learned a few things, came into his own a bit and overcame one of his struggles.

  • The Midpoint: Where stakes were supposed to be raised (not sure if I tackled that well)

  • Things Get Tougher: Where things start to go to shit. (accomplished)

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10 Week Screenplay Challenge
Chapter 2: Catalyst, Avoidance, Catalyst
15 pages

I survived week one of actual screenplay writing! I think only myself, [ profile] chasingriver, and one other got our chapters in on time. The task is deceptively easy and hard at the same time. I had a bit of an epiphany mid week and changed my characters around and finally the antagonist's motivation fell into place. So now I think I'm good to go.

This week we tackle the "catalyst, avoidance, catalyst" section of the script. Where an event happens to change the protagonists world, the protagonist avoids the change and then a greater world change happens that catapults the protagonist into action. Kind of a point of no return. I've mapped that section out, but it's quite a few scenes so I'm worried about deadline. This week is kind of busy so I'll have to spend most down time trying to push out the words. Going to see Die Antwoord tonight, a band that both scares and intrigues me, and cuts out on my writing time. Also my Saturday has turned into a 4-hour karaoke box marathon w/ post pizza, which is a great thing, but another writing time suck. (Will be busting out some new songs though. I take karaoke very seriously.)

On the good side, I finally get to introduce Sherlock (catalyst 2) , and Moriarty so those bits will be fun.  Next week we start the Heroes Journey, which will be all Sherlock/John relationship/casework. Looking forward to this. Gah, I so want to longfic this thing... It might be my next project after the screenplay... Gah again! So many things lining up in the distance... Must reel back in and just work on the remaining 6 weeks of screenplay.

Get 'em.

Sep. 17th, 2014 09:16 pm
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10 Week Screenplay Challenge
part 1: Introduction to the Hero’s World
4 pages

So this is new. I'm 4 pages into my first screenplay and am both thrilled, overwhelmed and worried. We have 15 pages due by Sunday night and have to cover the Intro to the Hero's World in that short span. I'm doing the screenplay version of a Sherlock AU that I was planning to write as a fanfic. I'd plotted it out years ago and it was based on a movie, so it seemed like the ideal choice. For me, the goal of this exercise is not to write the next great original screenplay, it's to ACTUALLY finish something. So I stacked the cards in my favor, this is a test run. But still a whole hell of a lot of work. I've been reading the screenplays to Warrior, The Matrix, Blade and Blade Runner as they are all action/fighting scripts and wow, they are cool and super informative.

Scriviner has a screenwriting template in it so the actual execution of format is a cakewalk, but the other part, the writing part, that's not so much. It's almost like tapping into another part of your mind writing a screenplay. I am stripped of internal monologue and exposition and long descriptions and the close third person that I love and am reduced to LOCATION, DIALOGUE and ACTION. It's so liberating to set the scene and just go! I described a fightscene that would take maybe three pages in a story to about 200 words. This whole process has my mind spinning but in a neat "I'm learning something totally new!" kind of way.

I know I'm totally overwriting the thing and it's way too long and I still am battling so many fiction writing habits but it's fun. I have 7 more weeks of this. My goal when finished is to find the movie that I based this from and compare mine script versus the original. I'm really interested to see how far I strayed and how I conveyed everything compared to the original writer. 
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