May. 26th, 2014 03:46 pm
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Last night I hit the 50% mark on my 2014 GYWO challenge. I'm currently at 75,442 words out of 150,000 which means that from now until the end the remaining count is less than the accumulated.

I'm not sure if I've learned anything from this other than, sometimes it's good to take on a challenge even if you are quite certain you will fail and have failed spectacularly attempting the same thing in the past.

For about three months I was absolutely certain that my progress was some kind of "excitement of starting anomaly" or just a fluke that would end soon. Now the whole thing is kind of "meh". Which I imagine makes it all that much easier. I've still not missed a day and still plan to keep on, but the fear in failing has dissipated.

Oddly enough I'm using this "meh" to motivate me in other things I want to tackle. The reasoning is, hrm if I can do this thing, then certainly I can do that thing.  We'll see how it goes. But in the meantime, the words keep coming.

(Now back to editing.)

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So as of today I've written 500+ words for 119 days straight and have accrued 62,530 words. I started on Jan 2 with the GYWO challenge and somehow managed to keep the momentum up. I had read once that it took 21 days to form a habit or some such thing. (Turns out according to this article it takes 66 days for something to become automatic.) So I figured that if I kept up with writing daily that the act of it would somehow become effortless or that it would at least become easier. But it didn't work out that way. Just nope....

The whole habit thing is bullshit (for me). Biting my nails is a habit. To write or not to write is a decision that I have to make every day. It's gotten to the point where I just know that I'm going to get it done though, but it's not a habit. It's more like... something that gets done. I've learned that if I'm really in a mood where writing is the last thing I want to do, I take a look at what is driving it. Once I figure the true cause then I rank it on my "legitimate" excuses list and then decide. (Have you lost a limb? No? Are you vomiting right now? No? Zombies? Then do your words!) Also having a streak has kind of made the excuse ranking harder because it's grown into a "do you reeeealy want to break the chain because you feel lazy today?" kind of thing and then I  drag myself to the computer.

Setting a reasonable word limit also helps.  500 words a day has gradually become easier because it's only 500. I don't tend to go over it by more than 100 words. It's strange but somehow it makes the whole routine easier... Maybe that's what it is... Not a habit but a routine. Man how is it that I've just figured this out now... I have a routine.

These kind of things are definitely not for everyone. Many folks are binge writers or start and stoppers, or just don't need that kind of structure or challenge and will put out hundreds of thousands of words this year, but for me it's been an interesting personal challenge and it's heartening to know that somehow I'm still at it.
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mugen v words 2013
42,384/150,000 (28.26%)

mugen v words 2014
42,894/150,000 (28.60%)

So with today's 500 words I've written more this year than I wrote in the entirety of 2013. This is kind of a big deal for me.

When I signed up for GYWO this year my one main goal was to just write more than I did last year. I figured if I could hit that goal then this year would technically be better than last year and that would amount to a not fail.

It has been hard to both slow it down (not binge write for 6 hour stretches) and to be consistent (write every day.) Everyday has felt like I have been crawling along at a snail's pace as I watch countless stories get posted, and I continue to chip away at my lone story. But then I look at the total I have cobbled together so far and well, maybe it's not so slow.  42K is a drop in the bucket among most writers around here. I truly admire everyone's prolificness (<--is this really a word?) and impressive word counts, but I've also have had to tell myself that by being modest with my count and hours spent in the chair, I will ultimately allow my body to last the long haul. (spine bad, sit, not good...)

This 42K has not all been thrown on my current story. It covers various word counts across eight stories. Five Sub!John's and three original short stories. I'm really not sure what I'll do with any of these, but the diversity of projects helps and hopefully the fragments of fics will blossom into completed works.

So yes, this goal kind of crept up on me, much like my word count. I think doing GYWO this year was a good idea. So, I guess onto the next goal. Don't break the chain. 
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Images: ?
Chapters: 1 (zero draft)
Total 3560

Get Your Words Out!!

I actually managed to pull it off. Since 1/2/14 I've written 500+ words. 58 days... Don't break the damn chain! (It's the only one of my many chains that I didn't break! )

It's interesting. Supposedly it's like 21 days to make a habit? Not sure if that number is true but I can really feel it now. Before my resting state when not wanting to write or edit was just don't do it. Now my resting state is to zero draft. 500 words has kind of become easy. Editing is still a pain. My favorite kind of pain, but a pain nonetheless.

I finished the second draft of the horribly painful chapter 3 on Wednesday and so I've been a bit brain dead. It's now 700 words longer than it was when I started and more fleshed out so I'm calling a minor win. For the past two days I've written on the next story as a bit of a mental break. Between all of my editing breaks I've wracked up 3500 words on the first chapter of the next story :-). Still not sure which of the two next ones will truly come next but this one seems to be wanting to be written at the moment.

Tomorrow I start on the 4th chapter edit. I'm a bit daunted already, the last two chapters are the longest of the bunch so I've got a long way to go. I seem to fall into the habit of "sexy time, gear noodling dump" at the end, so the last 2 chapters are 50% of the story! I'm still feeling shaky on the whole thing (I still don't feel like I have the motivations as solid as I want to be) so I think I'll have to throw it over the wall to see if it's anywhere near coherent. I have a reader lined up. I hope to not disappoint her. It could go either way. She is brutally honest in the best of ways. I need brutally honest...

I really don't know if this is truly good or not, if like in May I'll burn out an take up pottery or something, but as [livejournal.com profile] percygranger puts it. I hate zeros. Get your words out.

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Stuck: Day 30
Chapters: 2-3 (draft 1)
Total @11K

So today I did this. 30 unbroken days of at least 500 words. My GYWO total is 16,414 and I am 11K into my first fic in 10 months. So these are some good things.
The squirmy story is still in progress, soundly into chapter 3 (slog) and 4 (lesser slog) filling in gaps and blanks and putting down the bones and removing other bones. Not yet ready to be edited, still taking shape. Still very much a hot mess.

I've been impatient the past few days. After working on this thing for 30 days I just want it to be done, but it's so very not done, and wont be for awhile. Not ready for human consumption. Still needing so much work. So...  I have to work. I think maybe my impatience lies in that the last thing I posted was back in April 2013 and well it's Feb 2014 and I feel as if I've abandoned the whole thing. Time flies and crawls. And I want to write faster but not fall over doing so. So 500 a day, that's it. It kind of feels like little, but if I keep it up I will be 4X over my work count for last year and perhaps 4 more stories into this thing... That would be good. The next one is at the forefront of my mind. So maybe it will come out next.

So maybe in 28 days I'll have another month of pink x's. I will try. And be soundly into many rounds of edits.


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