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I should be writing, but I haven't blogged about writing in so long that I figured it was time to process.

Back to it for five days straight. After an extended dry period, filled with too much work and not enough life, I'm finally back to fic. I'm not sure I understand this one exactly, not yet. It started as an unexpected thing, The Escape Artist blew apart my Sherlock/John relationship so thoroughly, an unintentionally, that now this other story has happen if I'm ever going to get them back to the land of kink/ well not just kink, but if I'm going to get them back together. So this. Even before my hell job got in the way, I was blocked for months, no idea what to do with this story.

I'm not sure when I decided (or why) that trying a canon(ish) story would be the way to do it. I think I just liked the idea of placing what is canonically Sherlock/John's first case together in the middle of their faltering relationship. Having them go through all of those scenes, the dinner at Angelo's, discovering the woman in pink, Sherlock being stolen by the cabbie, all while trying to navigate all the emotional tings as well, could made for a radically different dynamic. I dunno, I like the idea of working within creative constraints, forming a new puzzle out of old pieces. I'm not sure if it will work, but it's an interesting challenge. Another challenge will be changing it up enough so the outcome might not be as expected. How to keep people guessing/interested when they know the story backwards and forwards... A challenge, perhaps a different outcome.

Anywho. I need to figure out a new title, I've already done my: "A Study in..." story... I have to do something different. Oh wait, I think I have my title...
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Walking Backwards
Draft 0/Chapter 1
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I've set the long fic aside and started on the next Sub!John story. It's finally come to me, after a good 4 months the frosted window has been cracked and I can see to the other side. Sherlock Seattle con sparked it I think. I was super stressed out on Friday, due to some work negotiation issues (now sorted) and when I went to bed that night, oddly exhauted and wired with the room spinning when I closed my eyes, the story just came. I'm not sure how I was coherent enough to focus on it, but there it was. Maybe all of that concentrated Sherlock energy put the story in me.

Yesterday, I high level outlined the four chapters and mulled over it some more and I'm secure that it's solid. It's an incredibly simple story. No kink I think. Maybe even a like M rating...?  I think I was hung up on the idea of their relationship being so fucked that it would take some jenga like machnications (that doesn't even make any sense there that metaphor, but anywho) and I had no idea how to unfuck things. But I think I realised that finding the way back to something good can be a very quiet journey if both parties want to meet in the middle. I think this is what the story is. So now it's just kind of coming out.  There are some bits I need to think about. A bit of a case write up that  need to sort out the case for, but I've skipped that little bit and dived back into the Sherlock/John interaction.

I'm not exactly sure how much time I'm going to have to write. It looks like this job might be all encompassing. I might have to try to get in words before work or just set aside 30-60 minutes in chunks here and there to get the words out. But something is something and I'm happy to just even have words.

I'd love to have this posted by 221B con but that might be way pushing it. I can't see this going too big. It's only 4 chapters! I really don't see more.
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Stuck: Day 4?-
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The placeholder title of this story is ringing true. Today I'm feeling stuck. Terribly so. I've been attempting to edit and hitting the "pointless" wall. I'm going to chalk it up to a monkey mood though. Which is my shorthand for irrational angst. I think it's a little bit of the "wait, what am I doing? how much time are you spending on this thing" feelings that creep up on occasion. Also chalking those up to part of the process. So instead of beating myself over my head with my pen and tearing my draft into confetti (which would be awkward as I'm at work right now) I'm blogging. Working it out.

Sometimes I wonder why I try to tell these particular stories. They seem to me as very narrow in scope and noodley.  Certainly you must too? Wonder why you pick the things you write about? What drives you to your choices, in character, place, subject matter. Especially in this shared universe that many of us work in. It's really interesting. Is it RTYI? Do they just pop randomly in your head? A theme that interests you?  Why do you noodle on what you do?
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So I pinged my friend today in the middle of a plot dilemma, and gave her my two options. Option one was a bit easier to execute and perhaps easier to understand and option two was trickier and would take more words and hurt my mind a little more.  I had pretty much had my mind set on option one. Thankfully she straight out called me out on my laziness and was like option two is harder but better.

me: *sigh*

I do love it when writer friends call you on your bullshit. It makes me very happy. Ironically I had just forwarded her an article about deliberate practice:

"The idea is you push yourself slightly beyond your skill level and you want to fail. The idea is when you’re practicing the violin you’re not just trying to reinforce what you already can do.  You are reinforcing what you already can do and then trying to do it faster or better or with more emotion or more dynamism or whatever you’re shooting for and you’re pushing yourself until you find a place where you can’t quite get there. And then you work at that and you work at that and you work at that and it’s not that enjoyable."

Not that writing shouldn't be enjoyable, but taking the easy way out because it's going to be harder for me to execute really shouldn't be in my line of thinking. So back to the grind, and thank you Anjali...
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For some masochistic reason, I'm going to attempt GYWO again. Perhaps I just enjoy failing! The smallest challenge category they have 150K words over 365 days. Mind you I crashed and burned through 2013 with about 28% completion, but that was due to injury. So, as I am feeling better(ish) I am going to try again. It's 411 words a day for a year. My immediate reaction is "seriously, but I've failed at three Nanos and one GWYO? Seriously?"

My current daily count is something like 200 on a good day, but I'm working at increasing it, it's like an atrophied muscle, right?

It's not like I don't have the content. I went through my list of remaining sub!John stories that I've had on the docket since forever and there's about six or seven more and a ridiculous idea of a long form one, so that could be 150K if I went for a year of fanfic, which wouldn't be bad. I should set a goal of done by season 4. Ha, that's doable, no?

If anyone up for the challenge, you have until Dec 31st to sign up. They range from 150K to 500K. I'm going to call it Mugen, Get Your Shit Together 2014... That's my subtitle...
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