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I'm With You
Chapter 3
words: 12K

Twelve thousand words into this mess and counting. This chapter has been really hard to wrap my head around. I think I've said something close to this about all of my chapters but this one is uniquely difficult. I've reached that point where it's "laying cards on table" time, telling uncomfortable truths time, sexual tension time, and all the while there's a bit of action and maneuvering going on as well.

I've been kind of pulling together an ever growing list of all the things I don't want to forget in this pivotal scene, points I want made, things I need said, moves I need made... I threw it all in a giant list, drafted out a draft and well not surprisingly it's terribly crappy. I'm just throwing everything I ever thought of into the scene with the knowledge that I'm going to cut it by half.  There's way too much dialogue, action, moving about, inner thoughts, ugh it's gratuitous. But I'm trying not to edit it yet, now it's just word vomiting.

The good thing that came out of this pile of crap was that it sparked a second outline, a kind of rearranging of things that I'm going to try to smoosh together using draft one bones after I pull myself out of this self induced pasta coma that unfortunately happened.  I don't want to do too much editing. I'm not in that headspace yet. but I think adding more bits to the giant stack of bits might still work. So yeah, goal today, no subtracting, only adding and rearranging. Cutting comes only when all is done...

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I'm With You
Chapter 3
words: 10K

I hit 10,000 words today. I find it kind of incredible because I haven't produced that many words in I don't remember when and suddenly here they are, blammo: ten-thousand words. Well not suddenly, according to my wording chart it's been a little over three weeks but still! WORDS!

I've started chapter 3 and am probably 2/3rds of the way finished. Mending, talking and sexytimes are up next. It's interesting (well only for me at least) I had originally planned for the the catalyst action that would spark the talking/sexytimies to happen towards the end of chapter 3, I'd been running it through my head that way but then somehow the inciting action attacked in chapter 1 and everything spun out so wildly differently (of course).

There is no surprise anymore, the cat left the bag hours ago so now there's just this weight of awkwardness, pining and regret with the added bonus of embarrassment and having to deal with things. (Ah my favorite things...) I like this much arc better, it moves the story along with less solely internal motivation. As everything was exposed from the start, the balance of external, and internal is better I think.

So yeah, ensuing conversation will be kind of hard, and probably won't stick. But drafts are for that. I just cant believe I got them from point A to point C... Like with all those words in between.

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I'm With You
Chapter 2
words: 7000

So I'm halfway through chapter 2! I spent today setting up a scene that made me realize that I needed to rewrite setting up the scene (sigh). Gotta switch up the motivations of my baddies. It's interesting. My first story in this 'verse feels fandom tropetastic, but it also feels like I’m learning the new speak.  It kind of makes me think of that CS Lewis quote that was going about a few days ago:

"Even in literature in art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.”

I’ve been reading a lot of Sherlock and Captain America fic as of late and though I do see similar themes and premises quite often, I try to think of them as alternate timelines, no two exactly alike. So perhaps no matter how many times elements of my story have been done before, and believe me they've been done before, I can just try to do them my way, tell my own truth, and hopefully create another alternate timeline of my own. (my timelines will always involve the kissing...)

On a good note my weekly writing tally is slowly increasing. Thank you again @antidiogenes.

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I'm With You
Chapter 1
words: 5546

I finished a very rambling chapter 1, it's well... 5546 words, and feels bloated and overly emo but whatever, they’re fucking words!!! More than five thousand of them!!! I'm just writing the first draft to the end. From here on out is the actiony, violent, dreamscape, awkward talking and mildly kinky sexy times. Which I'm so excited to be writing. Not that I didn't love building the setup, or smashing my protagonist's heart into tiny pieces, but yeah, shit needs to be cut and culled!

I was talking to my friend the other day about how since I've been writing it's like something has switched on in my brain in a good way. It had been so long, I had forgotten that something about me wasn't there; I didn't get it until it was back again, this writing brain thing. I think I have to be more cognizant about not letting it slip away, because that's letting a part of myself slip away.  Yes, my life isn't exactly clear cut and I'm kind of in a spin, but the act of spinning up stories and writing makes me happy despite it all. And so the other not awesome things become more okay.

My friend who also is an obsessive writer confirmed this. “My life kind of goes crazy when I'm not writing,” she told me. “Relationships, my patience, everything starts to fray at the edges.” I nodded, and got it, because, yeah it’s true. It's nice to have people in my life that get that. I think working on These Curious Times sated that craving in a way for a while, making a different kind of creative outlet for myself and it continues to do so, but world building and telling stories. That's the mana I crave. That’s the serious shit.
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Hmmm, I can’t believe my longest fic is only about 18K, that’s like a baby novella... I think this current one will about that long? Maybe? I’m about 3K into chapter 1 and barely scratching the surface, which is both good and bad. I'm just letting the words come, even though it feels too bloated and I see things I could already cut, but first drafts are not for idea stopping, I think they're for putting down the bones even if you end up with a six-armed, two-headed skeleton. Let them come and cull them later when they aren’t looking.

I think this thing will be 4 chapters, I'm still playing around with where things should break up, and where to end things to keep the motion going forward, and not let one chapter get too bloated. I've complained to my friend this this doesn't seem like a story story, but she has told me that it is. I suppose it's a relationship arc, an emotional arc, but not all flashy, shiny, and action packed. But I don't know. This is the first time in a long time that I feel a story actually anchoring and I can see myself making it to the end. I know where to go, and I'm oddly super excited to get there. So many current flaws are standing up and flapping thier arms at me, but I'm going to keep my back to them. I know how to cull and sand. It's something.

Andiogenes​ has been a lifesaver. the word wars there have been keeping me on track and hitting my daily quota. It’s like a fic writing hot house. Thank you writerly peoples.

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So I've gathered almost all I need to gather for content for my site. I did an awesome interview with Destination Toast today about fandom stats and on Tuesday I will wrap up with an interview with tiltedsyllogism. Then I have to get down to business.

I was hoping to get more interviews, but I'm at the almost overloaded point and  need to stop and start pulling all of them together. Transcription of these things has been very hard, it took me like 6-7 hours to transcrible my interview with coloredink and I have 3 more ahead of me. So I'm going to try Dragon voice recognition software for the next one and if that goes too slow, I might just outsource the transcription. If I were working I wouldn't hesitate. I'm still not quite sure how this is happening... It still feels like someone outside of me is wrangling this beast...  Very surreal.

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Draft 0/Chapter 0-4
@ 3000

I should be writing, but I haven't blogged about writing in so long that I figured it was time to process.

Back to it for five days straight. After an extended dry period, filled with too much work and not enough life, I'm finally back to fic. I'm not sure I understand this one exactly, not yet. It started as an unexpected thing, The Escape Artist blew apart my Sherlock/John relationship so thoroughly, an unintentionally, that now this other story has happen if I'm ever going to get them back to the land of kink/ well not just kink, but if I'm going to get them back together. So this. Even before my hell job got in the way, I was blocked for months, no idea what to do with this story.

I'm not sure when I decided (or why) that trying a canon(ish) story would be the way to do it. I think I just liked the idea of placing what is canonically Sherlock/John's first case together in the middle of their faltering relationship. Having them go through all of those scenes, the dinner at Angelo's, discovering the woman in pink, Sherlock being stolen by the cabbie, all while trying to navigate all the emotional tings as well, could made for a radically different dynamic. I dunno, I like the idea of working within creative constraints, forming a new puzzle out of old pieces. I'm not sure if it will work, but it's an interesting challenge. Another challenge will be changing it up enough so the outcome might not be as expected. How to keep people guessing/interested when they know the story backwards and forwards... A challenge, perhaps a different outcome.

Anywho. I need to figure out a new title, I've already done my: "A Study in..." story... I have to do something different. Oh wait, I think I have my title...


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