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I'm With You
Chapter 1
words: 5546

I finished a very rambling chapter 1, it's well... 5546 words, and feels bloated and overly emo but whatever, they’re fucking words!!! More than five thousand of them!!! I'm just writing the first draft to the end. From here on out is the actiony, violent, dreamscape, awkward talking and mildly kinky sexy times. Which I'm so excited to be writing. Not that I didn't love building the setup, or smashing my protagonist's heart into tiny pieces, but yeah, shit needs to be cut and culled!

I was talking to my friend the other day about how since I've been writing it's like something has switched on in my brain in a good way. It had been so long, I had forgotten that something about me wasn't there; I didn't get it until it was back again, this writing brain thing. I think I have to be more cognizant about not letting it slip away, because that's letting a part of myself slip away.  Yes, my life isn't exactly clear cut and I'm kind of in a spin, but the act of spinning up stories and writing makes me happy despite it all. And so the other not awesome things become more okay.

My friend who also is an obsessive writer confirmed this. “My life kind of goes crazy when I'm not writing,” she told me. “Relationships, my patience, everything starts to fray at the edges.” I nodded, and got it, because, yeah it’s true. It's nice to have people in my life that get that. I think working on These Curious Times sated that craving in a way for a while, making a different kind of creative outlet for myself and it continues to do so, but world building and telling stories. That's the mana I crave. That’s the serious shit.


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