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Draft 0
Chapter 2 @  538

I hit 50.1K tonight, which means I'm 33% of goal and given myself a 30 buffer in case I fall off a cliff. Crazy!

 I've taken a week long break from Stuck, mainly to give me some distance so when I go back in, I might have some objectivity. In the mean time though, words must be had so I've been noodling on the two next Sub!John stories. One is about 3 chapters and over 8K and the other is much smaller, a 4ish K 2-shot that I hope to finish soon. It's only two chapters for fuck's sake but I've got 5 versions of it already and keep trashing them... I need to step back from all of these and do some mapping because I'm basically writing blind.

So this week I'm doing the plan/edit thing for v3 of Stuck. Here's the game plan.

  • Draft new outline with updated plot/motivation

  • Flag outline inconsistencies on text

  • rewrite to updated outline

  • read through and general story flow

This is a bit more than I usually do in a single draft pass and I might wait on #4, but then I'll run the risk of what happened last time, plowing through while not looking back and ending up with a disappointing final read through. This way I'm at least making sure I leave the chapter in a half-decent state before I move on.

I'm looking forward to digging back in again. Hoping to make some headway on this giant mess of a thing.
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So I pinged my friend today in the middle of a plot dilemma, and gave her my two options. Option one was a bit easier to execute and perhaps easier to understand and option two was trickier and would take more words and hurt my mind a little more.  I had pretty much had my mind set on option one. Thankfully she straight out called me out on my laziness and was like option two is harder but better.

me: *sigh*

I do love it when writer friends call you on your bullshit. It makes me very happy. Ironically I had just forwarded her an article about deliberate practice:

"The idea is you push yourself slightly beyond your skill level and you want to fail. The idea is when you’re practicing the violin you’re not just trying to reinforce what you already can do.  You are reinforcing what you already can do and then trying to do it faster or better or with more emotion or more dynamism or whatever you’re shooting for and you’re pushing yourself until you find a place where you can’t quite get there. And then you work at that and you work at that and you work at that and it’s not that enjoyable."

Not that writing shouldn't be enjoyable, but taking the easy way out because it's going to be harder for me to execute really shouldn't be in my line of thinking. So back to the grind, and thank you Anjali...
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Somewhere underwater: Day ?
Total: 2218

Crossed the 2K mark! Currently the story is beginning-less, in a horrid rambley present tense and makes little to no sense and is full of non sentences and word repetition. My zero drafts really only consist of five adjectives and three verbs. My noun is John.

I'm still looking for a character arc, and a start, aaaaaand a point. I've written 10 out of 18 days this month, a wee over 50%. I keep on telling myself that I wont let this one get the better of me. None have so far.  I've also been working hard on the not prejudging my story. Pushing down the little person at the back of my mind yelling "CRAP!" Well though if you were to look at it in this state it IS crap, but that's draft zeros are for. Putting down the shit. Pick axes and spackle come later. I've been writing three times a day, before I go to bed, longhand, at lunch, longhand and then after TV at my computer, transcribing what I've done the night the night before and that day. It's easier than one giant bout of sitting and composing. Coming to the computer with something in hand is good thing and less daunting.

But yes, yikes, not really sure what I'm doing here with this one.  I imagine red pens and weeping down the line! (Well not really weeping...)  No actually that's the part where the fun begins... Must buy more pens!
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Still not near the beach: Day 7?
Total: 828

Continuing at a snails pace, but I wrote every day this week, albeit some days I couldn't get 100 words out of me, but the routine is the thing that I'm going for. Spent a week in Atlanta with the family doing what I usually do in Atlanta which is absolutely nothing! Which is lovely, but I always go thinking wow, I have a week off I'm going to write and it ends up being, me and my nieces staring at our Nintendo DSs all day and surfing the web and eating and cuddling with dogs and relaxing/slacking like there's no tomorrow. Pure loveliness, and I made it through three dungeons in Etrian Odyssey, but alas no writing.

But now that I'm back in Seattle, writing has been had, skipped ahead to the crux of the situation and am working on pounding out the details more or less. I've thrown away more than I've committed to the page. And this is my third doc (with the same title) but this one is still sticking.  I have no idea how I'm going to get all of the underlying things I want John to think, the imagery to represent and the conclusion I want to get to from the vague ball it currently exists as in my head. It's more of cloud of I know what I want to do but no idea how I'm going to translate it. But I suppose in the end at least I'll be able to tell if I DON'T have it... I guess that's something.

So inching along, adding more words to the pile each day. I feel this will be pretty short, no more than 5K (I say now) but it really has no business being more than that (I say now)  I haven't even gotten to the mildly R rated bits. I swear the impending season 3 has gotten me revved up again. Counting the days. Never did a version of Reichenbach, not sure how that would even fit in my tiny AU 'verse. Don't think it ever will now...Looking forward to the new villains...
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Nowhere Near the Beach: Day 4
Total: ?

After four attempts at a beginning with three completely different changes of setting, I finally realized that I AM AN IDIOT. Sometimes you really don't need a set up, sometimes it's better to just dive right in to the heart of the matter. Again, parachuting blindfolded onto a moving train, starting a story is. At least for me.

Well, It's good to know that it still takes me multiple times of slamming into a wall before I stumble through the door shaped part. Consistency! So yes, now to tackle the main part.  *shakes fist at self*

On nice news, I bought a new hat to cover my freezing head... It's cute and shall keep me warm. I will wear it until spring...
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A Day Not at the Beach: Day 2
Total: 367

At last, my home is my own again, I had my last writers group meeting and now I'm writing again. IRONY! Still working on the same story, though the setting has pivoted. I think I have a setting issue/problem. Thankfully the story will work almost wherever, I just need to find the right setting for me to fall into a groove. I might have found one. Trying to get back to writing an hour a night, as my back has been cooperating. (Yay bones!)  I also learned that suddenly trying to drink 66 oz of water in a day takes some adjusting to! Holy crap! I'm going to float away.

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A Day at the Beach: Day 1

...And then I pivoted. After a day of working on the story, another idea wiggled in-between.  Something that would make a better one-shot and set up some motivation for the one I've been meaning to write. So I've put the former aside for something newish. Of course the moment I start writing again, I have house guests which puts a kind of a damper on things, but I suppose more time to ruminate. I have my space to myself again starting Tuesday, quitting my writers group on Wednesday, and should be back to my noodling self on Thursday... Yay!
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