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Stuck: Day 4?-
Chapters: 1-5 (draft 2)
Total @14K

FINALLY!!!! I have reached the sweet spot, the point in the process that I actually really enjoy. Paper Edit!! Seriously I've been waiting for this day. To finally have enough of a first draft to be able to stop pasting and start cutting and well pasting too, but to break out the pen and start blood letting. It's kind of methodical at this point, downhill in a way because I just have to keep going over it and going over OCD like until there's less and less ink and more and more print. And that part for me is super fun.
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Stuck: Day 3?-
Chapters: 1-5 (draft 1)
Total @13.7K

I've got draft. Draft 1 at last. I've carved out a crude thru-line and padded the gaps and put it aside until Saturday. It's weird, usually I take a break between finishing a draft and starting an edit, but since I've got my word habit I just plunged right into the next story. Technically it's still a break.  I've scribbled on two new stories. One fic, one not, just to get my words out.I figure I'll just write random crap until Saturday then go back to the edit.  I'm a little scared to read it from end to end. But there will be cake to soften the blow. I know it's going to need epic amounts of reworking to make it palatable. All I've got is my bones... I suppose it's something though, a 13.7k, 77 page framework... but yikes, this shit is weak right now. I really hope I can pull it together. There is always the fear that this will be the story that kicks my ass. Will definitely have to buy more red pens to start the bleed.

(It seems I am in first draft pre-read anxiety mode, right on schedule)
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Stuck: Day 14
Chapter: ?
Total 6945

GYWO still seems to be holding steady. I've written at least 500 words every day since 1/2, and am about 1400 words ahead of schedule. Don' break the chain! The Writing While Blocked workshop was really great after all, and I did 1395 words during the workshop alone, including getting my daily 500 fic quota in as well. (I was the only one there writing in a notebook. I felt very analog... ) I've always taken my blocks at face value. I am either in a state of block or not-blocked. But I've never really thought much past that. This workshop asked a lot of questions, gave a lot of techniques and actually made me look at the possible reasons for stopping writing. We were given the following questions:

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