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Draft 5
Chapter 1 @  18063

Finally the noodley work can proceed! Fun things!  I did the draft 4 read through the other week and it was okay. As usual, there are some bits that flow and most of the freshly rewritten parts are hella rough. But thankfully it's the right shape, although it's deflated in some bits. This week I ended up adding about 1K to chapter five as the big decision part was so abrupt that it was laughable. It went something like this:

John: Nope.
John: Okay.

Yeah I had thought I had fleshed out the whole eventual transition but it still needed some buffer inbetween to not feel so damn rushed so I took a few days padding that one out.
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Stuck: Day who knows-
Chapters: 4 (draft 2)
Total @ 16.7

Finished up the chapter 4 edit today, though I might actually be cheating as I cut the last two scenes and turned them into chapter 5. I moved everything else to chapter 6 and the story has grown to almost 17K. I've been taking everyone's advice to heart and have been writing character motivation pieces that cover the time frame of the story and some of it has been harder than others. But plugging away at it has helped. More scene charting, still sorting out the timeline, I think the entire story spans a month, but that needs to be made clear. Scene charting helps me to make sure I don't miss anything. Once I finish this draft I'm going to use Luthienebonyx's awesome chapter questions and go through it again. For the moment at least I think I might have regained control of this beast. Though perhaps it will wake once more and throw me of its back as it grows more words on its hide.
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