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So I pinged my friend today in the middle of a plot dilemma, and gave her my two options. Option one was a bit easier to execute and perhaps easier to understand and option two was trickier and would take more words and hurt my mind a little more.  I had pretty much had my mind set on option one. Thankfully she straight out called me out on my laziness and was like option two is harder but better.

me: *sigh*

I do love it when writer friends call you on your bullshit. It makes me very happy. Ironically I had just forwarded her an article about deliberate practice:

"The idea is you push yourself slightly beyond your skill level and you want to fail. The idea is when you’re practicing the violin you’re not just trying to reinforce what you already can do.  You are reinforcing what you already can do and then trying to do it faster or better or with more emotion or more dynamism or whatever you’re shooting for and you’re pushing yourself until you find a place where you can’t quite get there. And then you work at that and you work at that and you work at that and it’s not that enjoyable."

Not that writing shouldn't be enjoyable, but taking the easy way out because it's going to be harder for me to execute really shouldn't be in my line of thinking. So back to the grind, and thank you Anjali...


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