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In your own space, talk about why you are doing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge? What drew you to it as a participant? What do you hope to accomplish by doing these challenges?

I've never attempted a challenge before. We'll I've tried NaNo and GYWO, but what drew me to this challenge was that it would make me think about why fandom is such an important part of my life. I love the idea that this huge group of folks is going to be talking about thier own unique fandom  experiences and what they love and squee about. I hope to learn new things. I'm already behind, but that's okay. 
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And in this heart -Chaper 1/ Draft 2
Union Draft 1 - 370

So I spent 30 hours in Dallas last week, unfortunately only 2 of which involved sleeping. But during that sleepless horror, I came up with a detailed plot for a novel length 1930s Skinny!Steve AU fic which I’ve outlined the first few chapters of (on my phone in bed while I wasn’t sleeping), and started writing it tonight. So now I’m editing my current fic, way too slowly but also surely, and now kicking off a long fic. I’ve even got a back cover synopsis written, because… I had a shit-ton of time to kill on the plane.

Usually it takes me years to follow up on a plot idea, but this time I’m just going for it. I’m excited by it, I’m motivated to write it, so why wait and let the energy around it die? I’ve got no idea how the middle is going to work out, but fuck it I’m going in! While the going is good or hot or however that saying goes. I figure once I finish editing my first of the series story, maybe I’ll set this long fic aside to write the second of the series story. Eitherwho, my hope for 2016 is that I write a lot of fic to make up for this dismal year. I’m already off to a solid start. (and with that I’ve probably just jinxed myself… :-/) *fight the power*

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Gloomy Monday
Draft 1
1-4 (@20K)

Okay so chapter 1 is going to need a massive rewrite before I can start the line edits. The attempt at line editing has shown me this. (Surprise! You’re not ready!) I really shouldn't be too shocked, this story took about 5K of useless words to get the start going, to find something that kind of stuck, so yeah, the end results were that were just that, I have something that gave me a direction to go in but it's still a basic mess. Words on a page, but not the right ones. So I need to rewrite the start into something better. The upside is that maybe I can line edit chapter 2, that at least is more coherent. I think I know how to start it. I think.  The downside is that I fear this story is going take me 4500 years. Maybe, maybe.
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Gloomy Monday
Draft 1
1-4 (@20K)

Read through 80 pages of the first draft at a coffee shop. I didn’t weep, so that’s a good sign, but man.. so much work ahead of me.... The one good thing is that I think the bones are still the right ones. But overall, the entire thing ranges from fair to middling to WRONG!!  Oddly enough the parts I had written off as being difficult to write and assumed would end up the weakest bits  (brawling and sexytimes) ended up being the strongest bits. O_o. The other parts (Cafe Society and laying things on the table)  just made me tired thinking about how much work they would need. This beast will require so much redrafting to get off the ground. Where to begin, where to begin?  So pretty much: chapter 1 and 3 not so great, chapter 2 and 4 marginally better but still will need to be more or less completely rewritten.  (I looked back at the old blogs for when I started the edit on my last story and as usual, I seemed to have gone through the exact same thing with The Escape Artist, but perhaps more severely so. I think that thing took 8 drafts...) Well what will be will be. Tomorrow starts the blue penning of doom.

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I'm With You
Chapter 3
words: 12K

Twelve thousand words into this mess and counting. This chapter has been really hard to wrap my head around. I think I've said something close to this about all of my chapters but this one is uniquely difficult. I've reached that point where it's "laying cards on table" time, telling uncomfortable truths time, sexual tension time, and all the while there's a bit of action and maneuvering going on as well.

I've been kind of pulling together an ever growing list of all the things I don't want to forget in this pivotal scene, points I want made, things I need said, moves I need made... I threw it all in a giant list, drafted out a draft and well not surprisingly it's terribly crappy. I'm just throwing everything I ever thought of into the scene with the knowledge that I'm going to cut it by half.  There's way too much dialogue, action, moving about, inner thoughts, ugh it's gratuitous. But I'm trying not to edit it yet, now it's just word vomiting.

The good thing that came out of this pile of crap was that it sparked a second outline, a kind of rearranging of things that I'm going to try to smoosh together using draft one bones after I pull myself out of this self induced pasta coma that unfortunately happened.  I don't want to do too much editing. I'm not in that headspace yet. but I think adding more bits to the giant stack of bits might still work. So yeah, goal today, no subtracting, only adding and rearranging. Cutting comes only when all is done...

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I'm With You
Chapter 3
words: 10K

I hit 10,000 words today. I find it kind of incredible because I haven't produced that many words in I don't remember when and suddenly here they are, blammo: ten-thousand words. Well not suddenly, according to my wording chart it's been a little over three weeks but still! WORDS!

I've started chapter 3 and am probably 2/3rds of the way finished. Mending, talking and sexytimes are up next. It's interesting (well only for me at least) I had originally planned for the the catalyst action that would spark the talking/sexytimies to happen towards the end of chapter 3, I'd been running it through my head that way but then somehow the inciting action attacked in chapter 1 and everything spun out so wildly differently (of course).

There is no surprise anymore, the cat left the bag hours ago so now there's just this weight of awkwardness, pining and regret with the added bonus of embarrassment and having to deal with things. (Ah my favorite things...) I like this much arc better, it moves the story along with less solely internal motivation. As everything was exposed from the start, the balance of external, and internal is better I think.

So yeah, ensuing conversation will be kind of hard, and probably won't stick. But drafts are for that. I just cant believe I got them from point A to point C... Like with all those words in between.

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I'm With You
Chapter 2
words: 7500

I've hit that point where all words are currently horrible. No seriously, they are. I know when it's super bad. This big fight scene that I had been looking forward to write is kicking me in the ass instead. I should take notes on my own ass kicking by words and translate that somehow back on the page. There is no inspired writing happening here. The setting is bad, characters bad, dialogue bad, motivation bad, action bad and well all just bad.

At this point I'm just writing from point A to point B just to get over this ten foot tall hurdle of crap. Chapter two scares the shit out of me it's so bad. Chapter one, arguably less craptacular, definitely not good.  But yeah even though it's been sucking I'm still pushing through with my hazmat suit zipped up tight. I think I have maybe 1-1.5K before I fall back into something possibly less crap. So yeah. if I wasn't afraid of doing forty-five rounds of rewriting and editing, I might jump out a window right now.

I think the bones are okay and that's what's making me hang on right now. Hard to tell. I could just be crazy. Though I mean seriously, I doubt I've read a worst fight scene than what I have now. I hate everything about my writing right now, and am quite certain that everyone will as well. In other news, this is just part of the process.

Fuck you chapter two! (and one as well right now, ugh just awful...)

Also it seems like I'm back to blogging about writing, which means that I'm writing. Feel free to ignore, this is just me coping/processing how hard writing is for me.
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I'm With You
Chapter 2
words: 7000

So I'm halfway through chapter 2! I spent today setting up a scene that made me realize that I needed to rewrite setting up the scene (sigh). Gotta switch up the motivations of my baddies. It's interesting. My first story in this 'verse feels fandom tropetastic, but it also feels like I’m learning the new speak.  It kind of makes me think of that CS Lewis quote that was going about a few days ago:

"Even in literature in art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.”

I’ve been reading a lot of Sherlock and Captain America fic as of late and though I do see similar themes and premises quite often, I try to think of them as alternate timelines, no two exactly alike. So perhaps no matter how many times elements of my story have been done before, and believe me they've been done before, I can just try to do them my way, tell my own truth, and hopefully create another alternate timeline of my own. (my timelines will always involve the kissing...)

On a good note my weekly writing tally is slowly increasing. Thank you again @antidiogenes.

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I'm With You
Chapter 1
words: 5546

I finished a very rambling chapter 1, it's well... 5546 words, and feels bloated and overly emo but whatever, they’re fucking words!!! More than five thousand of them!!! I'm just writing the first draft to the end. From here on out is the actiony, violent, dreamscape, awkward talking and mildly kinky sexy times. Which I'm so excited to be writing. Not that I didn't love building the setup, or smashing my protagonist's heart into tiny pieces, but yeah, shit needs to be cut and culled!

I was talking to my friend the other day about how since I've been writing it's like something has switched on in my brain in a good way. It had been so long, I had forgotten that something about me wasn't there; I didn't get it until it was back again, this writing brain thing. I think I have to be more cognizant about not letting it slip away, because that's letting a part of myself slip away.  Yes, my life isn't exactly clear cut and I'm kind of in a spin, but the act of spinning up stories and writing makes me happy despite it all. And so the other not awesome things become more okay.

My friend who also is an obsessive writer confirmed this. “My life kind of goes crazy when I'm not writing,” she told me. “Relationships, my patience, everything starts to fray at the edges.” I nodded, and got it, because, yeah it’s true. It's nice to have people in my life that get that. I think working on These Curious Times sated that craving in a way for a while, making a different kind of creative outlet for myself and it continues to do so, but world building and telling stories. That's the mana I crave. That’s the serious shit.
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Hmmm, I can’t believe my longest fic is only about 18K, that’s like a baby novella... I think this current one will about that long? Maybe? I’m about 3K into chapter 1 and barely scratching the surface, which is both good and bad. I'm just letting the words come, even though it feels too bloated and I see things I could already cut, but first drafts are not for idea stopping, I think they're for putting down the bones even if you end up with a six-armed, two-headed skeleton. Let them come and cull them later when they aren’t looking.

I think this thing will be 4 chapters, I'm still playing around with where things should break up, and where to end things to keep the motion going forward, and not let one chapter get too bloated. I've complained to my friend this this doesn't seem like a story story, but she has told me that it is. I suppose it's a relationship arc, an emotional arc, but not all flashy, shiny, and action packed. But I don't know. This is the first time in a long time that I feel a story actually anchoring and I can see myself making it to the end. I know where to go, and I'm oddly super excited to get there. So many current flaws are standing up and flapping thier arms at me, but I'm going to keep my back to them. I know how to cull and sand. It's something.

Andiogenes​ has been a lifesaver. the word wars there have been keeping me on track and hitting my daily quota. It’s like a fic writing hot house. Thank you writerly peoples.

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Soldier Six
Chapter 1: @ 200

Why is starting things so hard? They're always hard, beginnings. I haven't written anything substantial in almost a year and man, my writing muscles are atrophied. Writing in a new fandom has been hard, new charaters, new voice, new world, new things. It's good, but stacatto, my moving forward with it. I'm so used to John Headspace. Ah, well I guess the only thing to do is chip slowly, well no, well perhaps chip slowly away at the block and hope for the trickle to grow into a steady stream. Ugh and ugh. Back to it.
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So I've gathered almost all I need to gather for content for my site. I did an awesome interview with Destination Toast today about fandom stats and on Tuesday I will wrap up with an interview with tiltedsyllogism. Then I have to get down to business.

I was hoping to get more interviews, but I'm at the almost overloaded point and  need to stop and start pulling all of them together. Transcription of these things has been very hard, it took me like 6-7 hours to transcrible my interview with coloredink and I have 3 more ahead of me. So I'm going to try Dragon voice recognition software for the next one and if that goes too slow, I might just outsource the transcription. If I were working I wouldn't hesitate. I'm still not quite sure how this is happening... It still feels like someone outside of me is wrangling this beast...  Very surreal.

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Draft 0/Chapter 0-4
@ 3000

I should be writing, but I haven't blogged about writing in so long that I figured it was time to process.

Back to it for five days straight. After an extended dry period, filled with too much work and not enough life, I'm finally back to fic. I'm not sure I understand this one exactly, not yet. It started as an unexpected thing, The Escape Artist blew apart my Sherlock/John relationship so thoroughly, an unintentionally, that now this other story has happen if I'm ever going to get them back to the land of kink/ well not just kink, but if I'm going to get them back together. So this. Even before my hell job got in the way, I was blocked for months, no idea what to do with this story.

I'm not sure when I decided (or why) that trying a canon(ish) story would be the way to do it. I think I just liked the idea of placing what is canonically Sherlock/John's first case together in the middle of their faltering relationship. Having them go through all of those scenes, the dinner at Angelo's, discovering the woman in pink, Sherlock being stolen by the cabbie, all while trying to navigate all the emotional tings as well, could made for a radically different dynamic. I dunno, I like the idea of working within creative constraints, forming a new puzzle out of old pieces. I'm not sure if it will work, but it's an interesting challenge. Another challenge will be changing it up enough so the outcome might not be as expected. How to keep people guessing/interested when they know the story backwards and forwards... A challenge, perhaps a different outcome.

Anywho. I need to figure out a new title, I've already done my: "A Study in..." story... I have to do something different. Oh wait, I think I have my title...
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Walking Backwards
Draft 0/Chapter 1
@ 100

I've set the long fic aside and started on the next Sub!John story. It's finally come to me, after a good 4 months the frosted window has been cracked and I can see to the other side. Sherlock Seattle con sparked it I think. I was super stressed out on Friday, due to some work negotiation issues (now sorted) and when I went to bed that night, oddly exhauted and wired with the room spinning when I closed my eyes, the story just came. I'm not sure how I was coherent enough to focus on it, but there it was. Maybe all of that concentrated Sherlock energy put the story in me.

Yesterday, I high level outlined the four chapters and mulled over it some more and I'm secure that it's solid. It's an incredibly simple story. No kink I think. Maybe even a like M rating...?  I think I was hung up on the idea of their relationship being so fucked that it would take some jenga like machnications (that doesn't even make any sense there that metaphor, but anywho) and I had no idea how to unfuck things. But I think I realised that finding the way back to something good can be a very quiet journey if both parties want to meet in the middle. I think this is what the story is. So now it's just kind of coming out.  There are some bits I need to think about. A bit of a case write up that  need to sort out the case for, but I've skipped that little bit and dived back into the Sherlock/John interaction.

I'm not exactly sure how much time I'm going to have to write. It looks like this job might be all encompassing. I might have to try to get in words before work or just set aside 30-60 minutes in chunks here and there to get the words out. But something is something and I'm happy to just even have words.

I'd love to have this posted by 221B con but that might be way pushing it. I can't see this going too big. It's only 4 chapters! I really don't see more.
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Do (No) Harm
Draft 0/Chapter 2
@ 2500

This is very hard. Not that I'm surprised that it's hard, it's more like making an observation. Writing a long form anything, well that's hard... Much like all beginnings, or at least my attempts at beginnings they're always a mess. I'm once again parachuting blindfolded onto a moving train, the analogy still works. It will always work.  I wrote/aborted four starts before my friend told me to skip chapter 1 and go to chapter 2... If there was a text hug app I would have launched it at her. I switched to chapter 2. (It was so simple!)

So I'm struggling with a lot of things right now, just writing again after a three month hiatus adds to the pain of it.  I'm trying to sort out the voice, the POV. I'm writing a close (and younger) John POV as it's what I tend to do, but writing a close POV from a character who almost out of his head due to being in a horrible situation for years makes trying to get a clear view of what is outside of his head a bit difficult. I think I might have to back off a bit, like a semi close POV so I can make the world vivid but be in the head of someone who literally sees the world muted and muzzy. I'm still struggling with the writing of it. Juggling the shifts in his perception, going from almost a Sherlock like clarity to existing within a fog. I can't write him like I see him or there wont be much there, there... and yet there has to be a contrast to the eventual transformation that will come as his situation changes...  Not easy for me!! But it will be good for me. It's a writing puzzle. I just hope it doesn't suck. It feels sucky right now. But I have goals!

So I guess I'm just trying writing it out. I'm trying to develop John, and really work on making the main antagonist, Sebastian Moran, not so very black and white, the things he does are so fundamentally horrid, yet there has to be light/shade in him or else character fail... Still trying to get my head around his motivations and his goals, and also develop two smaller characters as well  at the moment who are a part of this John/Moran muddle. All in an extremely alternate, alternate universe. I don't even want to think about how I'm going to tackle Sherlock in all of this...  he will come with a whole slew of challanges and things that make him difficult to write... but he doesn't show up for quite some time...

I think I need to do this more often/again. It's helping me get my head around all of the crap I'm trying to figure out, even if I don't have any answers. For now all I can do is just continue with the draft zero and go back and fill in when I start to sort things out. Also fuck me, fight writing is hard, and there is soooooo much fight writing that will need to be done. Why did I think this would be easy?
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10 Week Screenplay Challenge
Chapter 8: Worst Case Scenario
71  pages

Well I fell off the update wagon, but not off the screenplay wagon! It's been kind of a slog, well actually a big slog, but I'm on week 8 and starting up Act III of the story.

So far I've tackled:

  • The Heroes Journey: which was more of a the character's reaction to his surroundings,

  • The Hero Looking Good: Where He learned a few things, came into his own a bit and overcame one of his struggles.

  • The Midpoint: Where stakes were supposed to be raised (not sure if I tackled that well)

  • Things Get Tougher: Where things start to go to shit. (accomplished)

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Writer: [ profile] mugenmine
Length: @1400
Status of work: 1/6
Characters and/or pairings: Sherlock & John
Betas: [ profile] lady_t_220, wearitcounts, anjalididier
Rating: E
Kinks & contents: Bondage, Self Bondage Power Dynamics, Johnlock, Sub!John, Angst
Author's note: This is the sixth story in the NewSub!John Headspace Series. It reads as a standalone, but events from the A Study in Frustation, The Doctor in the Boot, and Switch are referenced. Thank you to the best betas in the world: anjalididier, who made me start again, lady_t_220 who made me do it right, and wearitcounts for her ninja level eagle eyes.
Summary: Thirty-four days had passed since Sherlock had given up control for the first time and let John take him apart. At the end of that night, after the bondage and pain, they had lain together in the dark and promised that this would be the start of something more.
But when the morning came Sherlock grew distant and John had been choosing his words carefully ever since.
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10 Week Screenplay Challenge
Chapter 2: Catalyst, Avoidance, Catalyst
15 pages

I survived week one of actual screenplay writing! I think only myself, [ profile] chasingriver, and one other got our chapters in on time. The task is deceptively easy and hard at the same time. I had a bit of an epiphany mid week and changed my characters around and finally the antagonist's motivation fell into place. So now I think I'm good to go.

This week we tackle the "catalyst, avoidance, catalyst" section of the script. Where an event happens to change the protagonists world, the protagonist avoids the change and then a greater world change happens that catapults the protagonist into action. Kind of a point of no return. I've mapped that section out, but it's quite a few scenes so I'm worried about deadline. This week is kind of busy so I'll have to spend most down time trying to push out the words. Going to see Die Antwoord tonight, a band that both scares and intrigues me, and cuts out on my writing time. Also my Saturday has turned into a 4-hour karaoke box marathon w/ post pizza, which is a great thing, but another writing time suck. (Will be busting out some new songs though. I take karaoke very seriously.)

On the good side, I finally get to introduce Sherlock (catalyst 2) , and Moriarty so those bits will be fun.  Next week we start the Heroes Journey, which will be all Sherlock/John relationship/casework. Looking forward to this. Gah, I so want to longfic this thing... It might be my next project after the screenplay... Gah again! So many things lining up in the distance... Must reel back in and just work on the remaining 6 weeks of screenplay.

Get 'em.

Sep. 17th, 2014 09:16 pm
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10 Week Screenplay Challenge
part 1: Introduction to the Hero’s World
4 pages

So this is new. I'm 4 pages into my first screenplay and am both thrilled, overwhelmed and worried. We have 15 pages due by Sunday night and have to cover the Intro to the Hero's World in that short span. I'm doing the screenplay version of a Sherlock AU that I was planning to write as a fanfic. I'd plotted it out years ago and it was based on a movie, so it seemed like the ideal choice. For me, the goal of this exercise is not to write the next great original screenplay, it's to ACTUALLY finish something. So I stacked the cards in my favor, this is a test run. But still a whole hell of a lot of work. I've been reading the screenplays to Warrior, The Matrix, Blade and Blade Runner as they are all action/fighting scripts and wow, they are cool and super informative.

Scriviner has a screenwriting template in it so the actual execution of format is a cakewalk, but the other part, the writing part, that's not so much. It's almost like tapping into another part of your mind writing a screenplay. I am stripped of internal monologue and exposition and long descriptions and the close third person that I love and am reduced to LOCATION, DIALOGUE and ACTION. It's so liberating to set the scene and just go! I described a fightscene that would take maybe three pages in a story to about 200 words. This whole process has my mind spinning but in a neat "I'm learning something totally new!" kind of way.

I know I'm totally overwriting the thing and it's way too long and I still am battling so many fiction writing habits but it's fun. I have 7 more weeks of this. My goal when finished is to find the movie that I based this from and compare mine script versus the original. I'm really interested to see how far I strayed and how I conveyed everything compared to the original writer. 
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Draft 7
Complete @  17500

I pinged my second beta after a year and a half hiatus. She's in! So now my story is in London awaiting a good look over. This is always a kind of exciting part of the process, shipping your work off to be scrutinized. But they always come back with crazy good suggestions and fine points that I have missed and save me from posting something with giant plot holes and crazy grammar issues. So YAY again for lovely lovely betas. (This one has been with me from the very start so she is near and dear to my heart.) I feel lucky that she took me on when I was so new to fanfic and fandom :-D


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