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I'm With You
Chapter 3
words: 10K

I hit 10,000 words today. I find it kind of incredible because I haven't produced that many words in I don't remember when and suddenly here they are, blammo: ten-thousand words. Well not suddenly, according to my wording chart it's been a little over three weeks but still! WORDS!

I've started chapter 3 and am probably 2/3rds of the way finished. Mending, talking and sexytimes are up next. It's interesting (well only for me at least) I had originally planned for the the catalyst action that would spark the talking/sexytimies to happen towards the end of chapter 3, I'd been running it through my head that way but then somehow the inciting action attacked in chapter 1 and everything spun out so wildly differently (of course).

There is no surprise anymore, the cat left the bag hours ago so now there's just this weight of awkwardness, pining and regret with the added bonus of embarrassment and having to deal with things. (Ah my favorite things...) I like this much arc better, it moves the story along with less solely internal motivation. As everything was exposed from the start, the balance of external, and internal is better I think.

So yeah, ensuing conversation will be kind of hard, and probably won't stick. But drafts are for that. I just cant believe I got them from point A to point C... Like with all those words in between.

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  • read-through edit of chapter 4

  • Transcribe last week's edits on chapter 5

  • Map out major changes for chapter 6

  • revised action outline for chapter 6

  • 10 pages of edit for chapter 6

  • +3500 words

Chapter 6 is almost three times the size of my other chapters @7K. So I'm taking it in chunks.I already have a good idea where 1K of it is going to be culled.  I'm really hoping that I don't have to do much heavy lifting with this one, I think it's kind of okay, but changes in chapter 5 have to be carried over into 6... so I'll see when I get there. It feel nice to be on the downward slope of this hellacious round of edits.


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